Established in 2007, I specialize in mid to high-end Real Estate, Architecture + Interior Design photography for the greater Sacramento area. 

I've photographed over 1000 homes in the past decade.

Photography is an art form and I treat it as such. The camera doesn't really matter - light, content and color do. 

I intend to deliver results that are honest and believable, thoughtfully curated work that emphasizes the strength of a space no matter what style of design or architecture.

I also shoot Airbnb listings.

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My workflow is very much the same as the world's top architectural, interior design and commercial shelter photographers. 

I use highest-quality architectural shift lenses for nearly every scene. I bring a variety of professional, off-camera lighting to every assignment to supplement an interiors' natural state.

I spend a significant amount of time developing my images using cutting-edge post-production processes to achieve the best possible results, ensuring white balance is correct, exposure is optimal, colors are accurate, vertical and horizontal perspective is true, shadows, highlight and mid-tones are believable.

All my work is developed by me, in-house.

Please support your local small businesses and artisans.

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Real Estate Photography Pricing

Fees vary depending on square footage, time involved, distance traveled, lighting required and post production. Usage is usually a short month or two.

Lots - 2000 Sq Ft - $175
2001 - 2500 Sq Ft - $195
2501 - 3000 Sq Ft - $250
3001 - 4000 Sq ft - $275
4001 - 4500 Sq Ft - $325
4501 - 5000 Sq Ft - $350
5001 - 6000 Sq Ft - $375
6001+  $450+, add $50 per 1000 sq ft

Download a handy smartphone-sized graphic here

Twilight photography starts at $250.

Wall St Journal article, "In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More"

We accept credit & debit cards, checks, cash and Bitcoin for both real estate and commercial shoots. We also accept gold and silver! Yup. I even trade / barter for vintage synthesizers! Moog, Roland, Korg, Buchla and the like.

For a 3000 sf real estate listing, I'm on location for about 2-3 hrs. I prefer to shoot at 10AM and 2PM. Post production is about a half day. Ideally, I like to review my work a second day with a fresh set of eyes.

Terms & Conditions, Process & License here

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Commercial Photography Pricing

Commercial Photography for architects, builders, contractors, interior design(ers), restaurants, hotels, museums and such. Usage is long-term, often for years if not a generation. It's also an archive of your business and or life's work. Make it count.

In addition to over 1000 homes photographed in Sacramento, I've also shot fine homes in Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, La Jolla, San Francisco, Chicago and other areas.

Example: A Sacramento builder needs 12 images of his latest project and wants to Use the images indefinitely, both for print & online marketing and advertising. They will also be used for his personal archive.

Photographers Day Rate: $350
Price Per-Image: $75, 12 x$75 = $900
Post Production Fee: $250

Total: $1500

I need one to two full days on location, three to four days to complete and a week to deliver.

Contact us to discuss your unique projec

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