My workflow is very much the same as the world's top architectural, interior design and commercial shelter photographers. 

I use highest-quality architectural shift lenses for nearly every scene. I bring a variety of professional, off-camera lighting to every assignment to supplement an interiors' natural state.

I develop my images using cutting-edge post-production processes to achieve the best possible results, ensuring white balance is correct, exposure is optimal, colors are accurate, vertical and horizontal perspective is true, shadows, highlight and mid-tones are believable.

My work is developed by me, in-house. We don't send our work to editing houses in other countries.

For a 3-4000 sf real estate listing, I'm on location for about 2-3 hrs. I prefer to shoot at 10AM and 2PM.

Please support your local small businesses and artisans.

Call 916-234-3339 or Email

Real Estate Photography Pricing

Fees vary depending on square footage. 

Usage is short, usually a few weeks.

Lots - 2000 Sq Ft - $170
2001 - 2500 Sq Ft - $195
2501 - 3000 Sq Ft - $250
3001 - 4000 Sq ft - $275
4001 - 4500 Sq Ft - $325
4501 - 5000 Sq Ft - $350
5001 - 6000 Sq Ft - $375
6001+  $450+, add $50 per 1000 sq ft

Twilight photography starts at $250.

I also shoot Airbnb listings.

We accept credit & debit cards here, checks, cash and Bitcoin for both real estate and commercial shoots.

Download a handy smartphone-sized graphic here

Wall St Journal article, "In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More"

Terms & Conditions, Process & License here

Contact us to schedule or call 916-234-3339 directly.

Commercial Photography Pricing

Commercial Photography for architects, builders, contractors, interior design(ers), restaurants, hotels, museums and such.

Usage is long-term, often for years if not a generation.

In addition to over 1000 homes photographed in Sacramento, I've also shot fine homes in Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, La Jolla, San Francisco, Chicago and other areas.

Example: A Sacramento builder needs 12 images of his latest project and wants to Use the images indefinitely, both for print & online marketing and advertising. They will also be used for his personal archive.

Photographers Day Rate: $350
Price Per-Image: $75, 12 x $75 = $900
Post Production Fee: $250

Total: $1500

I need one to two full days on location, three to four days to complete and a week to deliver.

Contact us to discuss your unique projec

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