Photography Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions

Real Estate Photography

Usage is very short term and my low pricing reflects it. ID, architectural & commercial photography Usage is long-term if not for a lifetime and is priced significantly higher as such.

I use off-camera lighting and compositing. On site from 1 hr to 1 day, depending on the scope of your project

Real Estate photography rates start at $150 for smaller apartments and listings. Fees vary depending on square footage and number of images requested.

Email or call 617-209-9972 for a quote

Twilight photography starts at $250.

Drone Photography & Video Available.

I accept credit & debit cards through PayPal, checks, cash and Bitcoin for both real estate and commercial shoots.

Real Estate Listing Photography Terms & Conditions Sheet here

AirBnb Rates Start at $250

Architectural & Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography for architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, restaurants, hotels, museums, etc.

Usage is long term if not lifetime and is mission critical to repping your business and marketing strategy.

In addition to over 2000 homes photographed in Sacramento, I've also shot assignments in Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, La Jolla, San Francisco, Chicago and other areas.

Photographers Day Rate: $350
Price Per-Image: Starts at $50
Post Production Fee: $300 per day

Many projects of this caliber require scouting and several meetings and planning.

I need one to two full days on location, three to four days to complete and a week to deliver.

Commercial Photography Terms & Conditions Sheet here


Start at $85 per image for a basic in-my-studio headshot.

Product Photography

Fees start at $40 per image with a 3-image minimum, $150 1/2 day rate for smaller projects. Major product line photo shoots bill higher. Contact me to discuss and get a specific quote.

Yacht Photography

Rates start at $9 per LOA, discounts available - ask!

Fine Art Photography

Quoted per project. Contact me to discuss

Aerial / Drone / UAV Photography

Starts at $250

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