A photographer since the 70's, I was inspired by my parents' collections of Nat Geo and Vogue magazines. An architectural safari through Manhattan at 14 helped lead me to where I am today. Above all I'm an ocean lover and a burgeoning sailor working for The Dream, which for those who don't know means affording a sailboat and heading south for winter.

After twelve years in northern California I'm now back in Boston, available throughout New England.

My workflow is similar to the world's top architectural and interior design photographers which means I sweat the details, bring lighting and don't do HDR.

I've photographed nearly 2000 residences in Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, La Jolla, San Francisco and Chicago. Now in Boston.

IG @dalecharlesphoto

Real Estate Photography Prices

Prices vary depending on square footage, my time involved, listing price and post production time. Fees start at $175 for small studios and apartments close to me.

Example: 2000 sq ft 3/2 under $1000 /sq ft: $250 for 15-20 photos. More if you need them. Same size, over $1k per/ sf? - $285.  Same size but $2k per sf penthouse / waterfront? $350

I'll deliver as many photos as needed. Estates often require far more than condos. Photos are delivered via Dropbox within 24-72 hrs., depending on my workload. I'm on location for about 1-3 hrs for a 1-3000 sf listing. Longer for significant residences. Same Day Rush Delivery add $25

Email me  to schedule or call 617.209.9972 directly.

Commercial Photography Prices

Commercial rates are quoted with a photographers Day Rate, a per photo image fee or bulk, a Post Production Fee for time spent developing, assistants and additional equipment if needed and actual-cost travel and meals.

Usage is long-term, usually for years if not a lifetime and is mission critical to acquiring new clients in a regional advertising campaign as well as their website and portfolio.

In comparison, real estate usage is only for a few weeks and therefore is priced significantly less.

I usually need one to two days on location, three to four days to complete and a week to deliver.

Email me us to discuss your unique project or call 617.209.9972

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