Architectural lenses for Real Estate photography? Of course.

When shooting architecture and interiors I always use Canon’s TS or tilt-shift lenses because the build quality is exceptional and they’re razor sharp. These all-manual metal and glass lenses are heavy, expensive and require extra time to focus. The shift function is perfect for small to medium rooms which is especially useful for real estate work.

At 24 and 17mm there’s a bit and quite a bit of perspective distortion resulting in exaggerated ceilings and floors, so we shift down a few mm, revealing more of the room and less of the ceiling. The difference is enormous. There’s zero barrel distortion, a big problem on cheaper kit lenses which can be corrected in post.. at the cost of a few mm meaning you lose part of the room.

What’s really cool is my tiny old 80’s 35mm Nikkor PC lens.. on a Canon body. Oh yes. Every image from this special shift only lens is really something. Best for long rooms. Works perfectly and results are always impressive.

Looking for professional photography for your Boston listing, ID, restaurant or architectural project? 

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