Hi Boston! Adventure Game #4

Welcome to my 4th “Hi Boston! Where Am I?” Adventure Game Contest!

Open to everyone in the greater Boston area, be the first to identify where near Boston this photo was taken and win either an interiors photo shoot of your business space, real estate listing, restaurant, office etc (my specialty) or win a portrait photo for one at your business or outdoors. Support your local businesses!

Simply post your answer on my Instagram the first to get it right wins. I offer little clues, only that the image was taken either in a bordering suburb of, or in Boston proper. The second image is the one to ID.

There’s a new contest posted every week on Monday. Each contest will remain open until someone wins, then I will close that contest by editing the post with “Location Found! This is on/near/the 123 Any Street Building, City, Zip Code” and then post a larger image for context of the area here

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