I now accept Bitcoin for Real Estate & Commercial Photography

In the 21st century world of finance, there’s nothing bigger right now than #bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s blockchain network and the math behind it are the real value. It’s so much of a cultural paradigm shift there is daily coverage on nearly every major media outlet including CNBC, BloombergTV, The Wall St Journal, The New York Times and many others. Governments, investors, traders, brokerages, hedge funds, universities and countless others worldwide are on it like white on snow. 

Bitcoin’s spectacular math solves two centuries-old problems: Triple Entry Accounting and the Byzantine Generals Problem. Bitcoin and blockchain technology is as exciting as the internet was in 1995 all over again.  It’s like discovering a new color.

The internet has of course disrupted every traditional industry from publishing and distribution channels to everyday communication, advertising, telephony, broadcasting, the music, television, film and entertainment industries, movie rentals & distribution, education, books, newspapers, magazines, politics, news, mail, shopping, dating, travel, taxis and ride sharing, hotel and travel lodging and now, money.

Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt money itself. There’s nothing bigger than money.

If you’re new to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, here’s an excellent introductory classroom-style presentation from MIT mathematician James D’Angelo. Be sure and check out all of his Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series as he also covers security, blockchain, wallets, pricing, the math and loads more. Additional bitcoin resources below.

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