Great results with a 1984 Nikon 35mm architectural lens.. on a new Canon DSLR? Yup!

I’ve been shooting Nikon since 1976 but I switched to Canon in just for their two superior architectural-grade lenses. I use Canon’s spectacular 24mm TSE-II and 17mm TS-E II as my two go-to lenses for interiors, Canon’s highest quality, all-manual glass and steel architectural lenses. They are remarkably sharp all the way to the edges with no lens distortion or little to no chromatic aberration. That said, when conditions are right, I’ll use my old 80’s Nikkor 35mm PC Shift-only architectural lens.. on a Canon camera body. All you need is a $50 adapter. This amazing little Nikkor lens is steel and glass, small and all-manual. It’s also a compact 52mm filter size. I can put this amazing little lens in my front pocket. Here’s a few images shot with this terrific old school lens.

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