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I specialize in mid to high-end Real Estate, Architecture + Interior Design photography. My workflow is similar to or identical as the world's top architectural, interior design photographers. In addition to over 3000 homes photographed, I've also shot residences in Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, La Jolla, San Francisco and Chicago.

I use highest-quality, all-manual architectural shift lenses for nearly every scene and bring a variety of professional, off-camera lighting to every assignment to supplement an interiors' natural state. I develop my images in-house, using cutting-edge post-production processes to achieve the best possible results, ensuring white balance is correct, exposure is optimal, colors are accurate, vertical and horizontal perspective is true, shadows, highlight and mid-tones are believable.

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*Our URL is Compago, pronounced "come-paw-go". It's a Latin term for "Join Together".  I look forward to working with you!

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