Real Estate Listing Photography              License, Terms & Conditions            January 1, 2018

PHILOSOPHY: Photography is an art form and I treat it as such.

PREP: I photograph everything from condos to major estates, restaurants, offices, commercial buildings, museums, schools, libraries etc. for realtors and  also work directly with homeowners.

Real Estate Listings should be in “Ready To Shoot” condition when I arrive. There should be as few people on site as possible. Minimal to no distractions. All cars should be off-site or garaged. Please ensure that no groundskeepers or sub-contractors are working on-site or scheduled during the shoot. I ask that agents and homeowners do not shadow me while I work as it is distracting. When possible, do not schedule an agency walk through at the same time.

Please schedule your shoot as far in advance as possible, preferably two or more days before launching to MLS. My workload can be heavy at times and I cannot always deliver the next morning, especially for large RE listings which take several hours to develop in post. For significant homes, I prefer to have two days in post to develop the images and fine-tune the edits with a fresh set of eyes on day two. I need 2-3 hours on site for most 2-4000 sf homes, 3 - 6+ hours for sizeable or fine homes. 

Commercial Photo shoots for architects, builders, developers, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, museums, libraries, yachts and others usually require significant planning and logistics involving several days to weeks of planning and orchestration. Each project is unique to say the least and requires a non-refundable 33% deposit when our contract is signed.

MY WORKFLOW: Extensive. Similar to the world's top architectural and interior design photographers, who charge five figures for a dozen images. I use highest-quality tilt-shift architectural lenses and off-camera lighting to supplement an interiors' natural light. I carefully develop each image in lengthy post-production sessions to achieve the best possible results ensuring white balance is correct, exposure is optimal, colors are accurate, perspective is plumb and level, shadows, highlight and mid-tones are balanced and that each image is believable.

FEES & USAGE: Your payment to me is a License Fee to use Digital Copies of my Original Work. The License is limited to your one specific usage. Copyright does not transfer to clients.

TERM: Both the License and your right to use Digital Copies of My Work ends when your listing is sold, dropped, lost or cancelled. You may re-use them at a later date if re-listed with the same homeowner in another season. As a courtesy, my clients may use up to six (6) images, per listing, in their personal “Sold by Me” portfolio.

TRANSFER: Digital Copies of my Original Work are non-transferable by gift or resale to any for-profit third-party such as architects, builders, developers, contractors, stagers, building or facility owners, other agents etc. If you lose a listing you may not “give” or “resell” My Work  to a colleague, agent or brokerage, etc. Your brokerage cannot use My Work in their marketing and Advertising outside of your original listing, they must License and pay for the new, separate Usage.

If you lose or drop the listing, as a courtesy I will re-shoot the same listing for another competing agent / brokerage rather than re-License the images I delivered to you, when possible. IF I don't have the time I will use my right to re-License my Work but I'd rather re-shoot it.

When a third-party wants to use my work in their business. Example: The architect and builder see my work and both want to use a number of images in their portfolio and to advertise. They must each License directly from me, each paying me for the new usage. In this instance there are three parties and three separate uses, therefore, three License payments. Listing agent, architect, builder. This is how professional photographers have operated for 100 years. If I license an image to Newsweek, they cannot sell it to Time, Time has to license it from me. 

I give generous discounts for referrals.

PAYMENT: I prefer to be paid the day of the shoot as my work is delivered within 24-48 hrs and your Usage begins immediately. Once established you may pay me within a short period after I invoice you. Pay by check to “Dale Charles” or use debit and credit cards online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay a PayPal member. I also accept Bitcoin.

COPYRIGHT & LEGAL: Photographers always own Copyright which does not transfer to clients when images are delivered. Clients own a temporary License to use Digital Copies of a photographer’s Original Work, not Copyright, a standard professional photography practice.

I look forward to working with you.


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