Easily the finest quality Spanish home I've seen in the Foothills area.
Top-shelf everything, premium tile baths and slate floors, rich hardwood, appliances, furnishings, hardware, details, windows. It's owner, a design-savvy fellow from France was completely inspirational in lifestyle alone. Fantastique!

Showing me his finished garage at one point, we entered in to a debate about how much better the Porsche 964 was than the 993. He had both. Nice. My favorite car as well.

Check the remarkable tile work in the bathrooms. This is how you do it. Authentic. I asked him why he didn't do herringbone pattern wood floors throughout the home and he said they wanted to (a French home staple) but the reno took so long they were just done with it.

Proper room doors as well, thank you very much. I'm a doors guy. At this level you had better get your game on. They certainly did. I have seen sooo many fine homes with ordinary interior doors. Yawn. That said, the Mecca residence in La Jolla beats everyone's doors.

My #1 all-time favorite kitchen by miles. It has "the it vibe". I think I got eight (!) shots in this near 'Perfect 10' European chef's paradise. Minus half a point for the 6-burner electric stove top but it was the best one I had ever seen. I must have spent two hours shooting just the kitchen. Top of the line everything at every level and properly comfortable. Airy and breathable. Purposeful and simple without being stuffy and pretentious. You can have your fancy granite and dark overbuilt 100 cabinet behemoths. I prefer simplicity and functionality.

Had a peak in the wine fridge. Serious French bottles. My eyes started to tear at some of the old Grand Cru's.

A truly stunning residence and experience.

Photographed for Sotheby's, San Francisco.

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