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I've been an interiors, real estate and architectural photographer for 14 years. I've photographed about 2500 fine homes in California and nationally, many well over $1M and 5000 sq ft, from Seattle to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, Hollywood and San Diego.

I'm happy to announce that I'm now offering yacht photography!

SPECIAL OFFER! I'm building my yacht portfolio and am offering a 20% discount for the first 5 shoots. Act fast..


Stills: $8 per ft LOA:  DSLR with professional lenses, off-camera lighting. 1-4 hrs on board. Wide angle & detailed close ups. As many photos as needed and I'll shoot a lot!

Video Pricing: Depends on the boat and scope of project, what you want. Using sub-titles is generally easiest, fast and cheap. Narrating is usually smooth but requires both of us to review it  and edit mistakes, second and third takes etc. Narrating in post requires a script, additional time &  planning, a fair bit of editing in post which means more time.

Video can be done many ways, from the quick and easy to a very specific and articulated formal production, with scenes shot under way, with owner interviews at the slip and then broker intro and outro, at daytime and twilight, detailed conversations about the yacht's history and back story etc. Add lighting and mics at an interview? Post production costs (editing time) will increase. Changes and more edits? Several days in post. That said, a basic 7 minute video with sub-titles, no to a little  narration, description w graphics and contact info for an average 35' sailboat could be had for around $250. 50' classic with all the bells and whistles? $500+.

Discounts available if you also order photos, pay in advance, and I'm always happy to negotiate if we're close on price/budget.

Aerial video & photos: Can sometimes be done on a mooring, but if it's crowded, it's better to power up and take the boat out where there's loads of room to fly around. About 1-3 hrs depending on scope of project. Landing or catching a drone at sea, in weather is risky, on smaller boats even more so. Starts at $250

Example: Stills & Video: 36' boat, as many stills as needed, 10 min video walk-through video w narration, graphics package: About $450. *Discounts available if you  pay in advance or on site. A 33% non-refundable deposit is required.

I can also build websites for any boat!

Powerboat / fishing / day sailing video & stills on your boat at sea with friends and family, aerial video optional and not always available, weather permitting: Starts at $300 and $500 with aerial video.  Discounts available.

Email or call 617-209-9972

2019 Aerial Showreel

A collection of various New England coastal footage from 2019. Fell in love with sailing again.

1973 Pearson P30 For Sale in Salem, Ma.

Almost bought this inexpensive cruiser racer in 2019. I only had about 20 mins so it's a casual video walk-through for myself.

A day sail on San Francisco Bay from Sausalito

Half hour video for friends and fam of a lovely day sail on the bay, Sept 2018. Newer Hunter 34.

Order this sort of package for your day sail, fishing excursion, or trip around the bays and coast, starting at $300.

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